2012 Laura Dance Festival: an experience on its own

(1/6) Many many moons back I had the opportunity to drive one of six camper vans to the Laura Dance Festival. Tourism Queensland had organised a dozen journalists to scribe an article on the event. More to come…



(2/6) A dozen journalists were flown in two days later to the Laura aerodrome and transported to their respective campers- flowered with gourmet food, mosquito-tight screens and night to rest before the story of dancing feet.



(3/6) Without a doubt, the journos lavished the cultures of the many Cape tribes and whittled their pencils dry. The excitement of these city slickers dithered the hardships they endured over these few days of dust- cologne and makeup free.


(4/6) All while the kids made fun in the siding creek- jumping from paperbarks into clear untouched waters and sandy bottoms.



(5/6) With sizzling steaks and snags for lunch who couldn’t resist the temptations, urges of an unbalanced line for final rewards.



(6/6) Indigenous culture thriving journalists none of this mattered like a tree falling in a forest… Unless the experience was yours.