Another DAM segment of my working life

I nearly missed a job yesterday, I was sitting in my rags at home when I got this call; hey Muzza did we book you for Freshwater connection thus arve… I was like ah shit see you in fifteen. Two minutes had passed and I was backing down the driveway at forty miles an hour, dressed in blue – bell bottom jeans a nice collared short sleeve shirt dress shoes and that funky hair style which everyone pays heaps for (mines just natural). F#$* I looked trendy.

Anyway got to the bottom of the driveway and noticed a cardboard parcel in the letterbox, being four guys living in the one house I was pretty skeptical that a parcel of this nature and size could be mine. Although I did order a DAM book (thats digital asset management for photographers) a few weeks ago and Amazon said it will be here at the end of June. So I jammed the Commodore in drive, navigation, corners, cars, the highway and the occasional bird, straight to the Freshwater Connection – that’s the train station in Freshy. All the time with the idea that my book in the letter box.

As you do what you do… I surfed in on the wet concrete to break the monotony of being six and a half minutes late. There I met up with Anita Plos and her sister Sue who organized all the costumes for the shoot, and Glenda the lovely bird from the council (they only person who calls me Muzzy!) who briefed me on the shoot. All in all it was pretty simple, nine kids dressed in historical gear like drovers, warfys, cane cutters, rail workers, teachers an asian girl, a nanny and a little Aboriginal kid. The scene was straight up and down in front of the train carriage; she wanted a real traditional type of shot for a council postcard. We shot for forty five minutes on both sides of the carriage. It worked out great with the sun hidden behind the clouds giving a nice defused glow on the now professional models. Sometimes you kind of forget that you are being watched or even maybe that your the center of attention, there were all the parents, brothers and sisters of the models plus the organisers. Now really who’s the real star!

I was just coming around the corner, then there it was…the luxurious mail box, usually filled with those dreaded windowed letters we all despise. But no.. it was still there, the beautifully rugged cardboard box; long thin and slender it was glowing in the afternoons evening light. I parked in my usual way right next to the letter box leaning or could you say standing out of the drivers window, it was nearly in my mits when…? Ok nothing really happened at this point. I just grabbed the parcel and sat back in the car reading the recipients name I was like Yes Yes YES! screaming in ecstasy. And to top it off, the cardboard was from a great America company ( Zooming up the drive way I parked the car in some ungantly fashion and ran inside to the office. Yes I know I work from home but that seems to be quite trendy for a freelancer these days.

Back to the office bit…I was so excited that I had to email my great mate Colyn before it was even opened and wrote “Hey Colyn, got my dam book, haven’t eve opened it”. He ordered one as well, so I was really like yes I got mine first!

Within this whole life event I don’t really know what it was, maybe it’s just one of those moments in my life, or a great book being delivered to my door step, or a step forward in my photographic career, or just keeping up with trends?

Lets just say ‘it just was’.