Concept- Have you ever been hungry?

Have you ever been hungry? I mean genuinely “hungry”. And that’s not the part where you are on a 40 hour famine, or miss the occasional meal because you’re stuck in traffic. Myself, I’ve only experienced this during military training and more recently- cycle touring up the centre of Queensland Australia, but not more than a month at a time.

Of course there are always other factors involved magnifying your feelings. Whether it be anxiety, addiction, lack of money, not having a home and/or the effects of extreme weather.

Imagine just a couple of these, or even all of them. Life would suck, be exceedingly hard to deal with the normal aspects if life, let alone everyone else’s judgment.

Ok I’ll get to the point.

Yep, I have had a pretty difficult life; and if there is a way to make life harder, I’m doing it right now. But the other day I happened to be in Midland (a suburb in Perth, Australia) early morning waiting on a friend, and since cutting back on my anti depressants, was feeling pretty rough. So to chirp myself up, I ordered a big breakfast and coffee for $17 and had a chat with the owner about how rough the area is (like a little Bronx). It used to be worse!

This guy is part of a dying breed of small cafe owners with old equipment, good food and without the business sense to move in the modern world (sorry mate). Of course it’s easy to blame the large conglomerates that make shopping more accessible, comfortable and cheap.

What can we do for change?

Like Einstein- I had a revelation of how can we help others who are hungrier then you and I, by giving them at least one good meal a week at their local cafe.

Yes, there are many services which cover the arena of food services, but fundamentally there’s always folks who miss out, fall through the cracks and it would be a small blessing to have a luxury once a week.

There are many ways to solve a problem, but finding one that may work is a process in itself, then making sure it’s viable, is another.

So with that big brain of mine and scribble pad, this is my concept:

  1. For each consult I provide, $20 gets sent to a cafe owner.
  2. It’s at the cafe owners discretion as to who they provide the free meals to.
  3. Cafe’s are chosen by sociodemographics.
  4. Future- you are able to donate online to a cafe of your choice.

We all love ideas

Fruition.. is this idea possible? And what next?