Cross Country Mountain Biking

I find the perfect time to practice new techniques and if your lucky create some awesome images is on the weekends. This is when most enthusiast lay down their tools and pick up their hobbies. As you can see I went out to the local mountain bike (MTB) track for the fifth and final cross country (XC) round. It was pretty eventful with light showers and a keen 60 competitors slipping around the rainforest track.

The above photograph is of my friend Jay riding over the see saw (just like the ones you used as a kid but for MTB’s) at approx 25k’s/hr. To create this photograph I used a Nikon D200, 10.5mm fisheye lens and a SB-800 wireless flash held high in my left hand to illuminate his face. The camera is about a foot away and 6in higher than the see saw… & yes thats pretty darn close if he stuffs up. I had to bump the iso up to 800 because of the lack of light, swapping more grain in the shadows for a faster shutter. Before you ask these are the settings:

1/200sec f2.8 iso 800 and flash M 1/128 on camera, M 1/32 remote

The one thing I did learn while riding my MTB is not to scout new photo locations on the bike, a tree ran out of know where and hit me in the shoulder creating an eat dirt situation “bugger”, the second one this week.