Davies Creek, Garbage Trucks and the whole kit and caboodle

Sensational weather greeted us for Monday night’s camping trip at Davies Creek. The afternoon sun glowed and we all were silent with thoughts of ‘Oh how lucky I am to be here right now’. The night sky was breathtaking and just being away from the ‘not so bright’ city lights of Cairns just reminded us of how amazing the stars really are and we are only in one arm of the Milky Way!

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What’s involved in a shoot people ask?

It doesn’t mean simply showing up on the day and taking a few photos. The organisation of the whole kit and caboodle can be mind boggling. From pre-consultation, equipment needed, phone calls, coordination of people, reconnaissance of location, working within a time frame and of course the sticky question, pricing. In this instance, Tane’s (Cairns Rope Access) vital role in the rigging was instrumental in helping me to be right in the thick of the action.

All for 10 seconds of shooting!

Picture this:

An early morning coffee on your verandah, the birds are chirping, all is quiet, and then..



F#$ it’s that bloody garbage truck roaring down your street with a huge arse sticker on the side..

Before you jump out of your seat and say “Wow! Muzza is that yours?” I have to be humble and say ‘only the bin is my mine’ the others are stock. Anyway who could say their photography has infiltrated into the lives of all Cairnsberrians? Yep that’s right 27 trucks stamped with the Extreme approval visiting your door every week.

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