Do we dare make eyes or a little hello?

The inconvenient hustle of city life.
Awkwardness abides while passers bye.
Perfectly timed inbuilt head turns.
Do we dare make eyes or a little hello?

Open to small country life.
A loud “how’s your day young man” from Shirly.
Greetings of unforced smiles or consequences.
Truth is part of our downfall; knowing is sin.

Lifestyles set a different tone.
Families laugh and giggle feeling free.
Secretly forcefield encompassing siblings and elders.
Distance is must; outside world is nigh.

Why- Why is it as we look before then look away pretending others don’t exist? A smile would be nice.. a connection of equality or acceptance. Maybe we’re busy or on task; have worries in our heads or some predatory-prey existence.

Young children naturally come barriers none- running, screaming, performing, exploring; all of these actions free. With excess enjoyment, anger, love and tears. We lose all with age.

Challenging steps, material belongings, cultural moralities, and peers who face is the task first at hand. Becoming child with willing… less barriers I become.