Extreme News Week

Occasionally I have a quite a bit of info that just needs to be listed quickly. It’s called Extreme News Week for an exciting edge above and beyond the normal old News.


Over the last five years of owning a computer, for some reason I have subscribed to hundreds of different newsletters, latest updates, new blog posts, twitters and so on… My mission has been to unsubscribe. Un-cluttering the inbox and freeing up an extra 15 minutes a day, trust me? every minute helps. This is where only a few have squeezed their way through. Check them out you may love them.



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Kayaking Tully River

Last Sunday Andre and I traveled down to Tully river, his goal was to paddle and mine was to photograph the 25 kayakers carving up the rapids. My new camera lens combo (D700, 24-70mm and 70-200mm) has superseded results again in delivering super sharp action photographs.

Digital Asset Management

I help out a lot of other photographers both upcoming and experienced professionals (cause I’m a nice guy) in Digital Asset Management (DAM) that’s the organisation of your photographs and also the photographers workflow.

Yesterday a photographer friend Janelle rang with a few questions on DNG’s file renaming and using them in Lightroom. 20 min latter we soothed the sores and she now has a smoother flowing workflow. Next week I’ll explain the process here on my blog.

Lightroom Workflow Explained

My little workshop went off with a blast and full to capacity (of 9). As I promised to all that attended here are a few links which may help in the future.