Extremes Business Essentials

Every so often a business must adapt in order to supply more immediate services, better products and work closely with a small group of professional businesses to expand. That is where Extreme has been focusing a lot of thoughts and putting pen to paper over the christmas holidays to come up with new branding to closely follow industry trends and the tying down of a specific niche market. What dose all this mean… Well let me explain.

Branding – Over the next two months I’ll be rolling out all my new branding to support Extreme’s marketing materials, with a verbal and visual consistency across them all. This newsletter is just one beaut example.

Niche market – The new niche is aimed at the outdoor and active lifestyle industry. And I am sure after researching there is quite a substantial market in North Queensland. Therefore I have created an ideal project profile for 2010.

  • Assignments in the promotion & advertising of outdoor, sporting facilities and commercial projects involving an active lifestyle.
  • Assignments of products in the outdoor and active lifestyle environment.
  • Sporting portfolios offering a range of photographs from portraits to action.

This small little package is only a part of what’s planned for 2010, if you’d like to find out more or arrange Extreme Photography for your next project. Otherwise hang around for next months freebies.

Email Muzza! or Call 0402 706 763 for your next project