How to Discover Your Life Purpose – Part 1

Everyone loves a challenge and today mine was to find meaning.. tomorrow it may be different. So after 30 minutes of whacking away at the keyboard using Steve Pavlina’s post “How to Discover Your Purpose in Life in about 20 minutes” I came up with this:

  1. To help others
  2. Heal others
  3. Be inspirational
  4. Create a connection
  5. Feed off others
  6. Be conscious
  7. Listen
  8. Create meaningful relationships
  9. Live healthy
  10. Sleep well
  11. Challenge myself
  12. Promote healthy living
  13. Promote active living
  14. Connect to self
  15. Include everyone
  16. Live sustainably
  17. Experience life
  18. Enjoy hardships
  19. Motivate and console
  20. Family
  21. Create a life worth living
  22. Inspired to inspire
  23. Be resourceful
  24. Educate ways to an easier more successful life
  25. Be equal
  26. Understand the struggles
  27. Enjoy the company of present
  28. To be present
  29. Motivate inclusion
  30. To propel positive change to create meaning in one’s life
  31. Be honest
  32. To give my trust
  33. Simplify
  34. Live minimally
  35. Honor my body
  36. Create change using love, trust and understanding
  37. Share love with others
  38. Could I have done more?
  39. Will anyone remember me
  40. Sorry I didn’t love
  41. Awareness of self in present
  42. To awaken the great spirits within others
  43. Help others lock in a higher level of consciousness
  44. Build a family of people who connect
  45. Develop community
  46. Help people understand and forgive
  47. Connect closer
  48. Be a positive change
  49. Tell stories to inspire
  50. Travel to know others
  51. Feel and experience love, lust and be open to change
  52. Experience the challenges of life
  53. Working on my growth and helping others to grow are compatible
  54. I want to see you do your very best
  55. Overcome your struggles with a friend
  56. Be accepting of your friends
  57. Move towards a positive change
  58. Surround myself with friends, mentors and family
  59. Be honest
  60. Stop degrading myself.. fat, gay, dumb
  61. Be courageous towards personal growth
  62. Believe in myself
  63. Find appropriate friends
  64. Be closer to my daughter
  65. Awaken the great spirits of others
  66. Leave this world knowing I did my best
  67. Surround myself with beauty
  68. Mental poise with a positive attitude
  69. Speak their language
  70. Live each day in a wealth of enjoyment
  71. Be spontaneous
  72. Bring joy to the table
  73. Understand others strengths and weaknesses
  74. Not be persuaded by gossip
  75. Take the step to higher ground
  76. Take ‘no’ as an opportunity
  77. Streamline and achieve as mush as possible
  78. Reduce stress by taking steps
  79. Adapt to change
  80. Create purpose for others through positive activities
  81. Learn and help others learn
  82. Be in tune with the earth
  83. Learn by experience whether they are uncomfortable or present
  84. Start living the big today
  85. Live a life without regret
  86. A life of ownership
  87. A life of responsibility
  88. Start crafting a life you love today
  89. Being vulnerable – exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally
  90. Getting uncomfortable – moving over the fear of rejection
  91. Keep reality at the foremost – everyone has troubles in their life
  92. Not get in the way of others dreams

What’s your favourite?

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