Life is now; not tomorrow; not yesterday

Have you ever?

Are you now?

Will you always?

Be excited by seeing a passing cane train?

They’re unique enough to be exciting. Metal on metal pumping pumping pistons cranking solid wheels on old iron tracks extending through endless fields of cane.

But are you sure?

In the essence of human senses, the above is only part of the story.

Imagine.. well if you were in tune and could:


The squeal of the solid metal wheels on the reinforced tracks making their way into the dense shrubbery of cane, the rhythmic bump between each length of track and small sequenced explosions of an engine powering a hundred tones of cane to the mill.


The sweet, sweet, sour smells of fresh and rotting cane ready to burden the human race with continuous problems, liquid diesel fuels mixed with oxygen; rapid compression explosions now exhausting from every orifice in overwhelming heat and gas like substances.


Compacting vibrations through the earth rattle hum toes and nose moving nature in a shimmer. Forces pushing air, matter and space aside to make way this large metal chunk of beauty; wind blowing- smile.


Bring back imagination of past childhood experiences; melted ice cream and explicit cool satisfaction of creamy sugar. Life is bliss!

We are older more stubborn versions of ourselves every day, in our heart we can be present to see, listen, smell, feel or taste and thoroughly learn the simplicity of enjoying an old cane train passing.

Life is now; not tomorrow; not yesterday.