Media messages and strategy.. where the fuck do we start?

Yes this life is full of overload; we all want to promote and advertise in the hopeful realm of getting more. “Hello!! Anyone?

Yeah that right no one’s listening, because your thinking about yourself again.

Cut the shit, cut the excess media, stop reading how too’s, step back and start thinking about your customers.

  • What do they want?
  • How can I give them value?
  • What’s the most effective method of delivery?

OK I’ll use Tuckers Cycle Inn as an example:

Russell Tucker sells bicycles and has been in business since 1988, the GFC (global financial crisis) unsurprisingly hit him pretty hard and a flash new franchise moved into town taking a fair chunk.


What we did, even though Tuckers life time of experience was invaluable. We phoned twenty previous customers and asked them two open questions:

  • ‘If anything at all what do you love about cycling?’
  • ‘If anything at all what do you hate about cycling?’

From our little survey we noticed: bicycle choice was in abundance and very confusing; people feel safer and enjoy cycling more when involved in groups; and everyone wants to become better or achieve certain goals.


In order to fulfil peoples needs let’s educate them on the questions they really want answered (the ones from the survey, thanks survey people). Not by creating new flyer’s for Tuckers products. That would be a pretty useless return on investment atm.

What we did was plan a monthly podcast (an episodic series of audio) educating cyclist about bike choice, activities run locally, and life stories from experienced cyclists and how they achieved their goals.


Our goal (not theirs) is 200 subscribers, which is more than achievable and we are doing it in a way that provides value to Tuckers current customers and using a medium (audio) that can be sliced into many other formats (ebooks, articles and transcripts).


Being a first podcast for everyone- Russell’s stories, Abbie interview skills and my production, Onya Bike can only get better at helping people (that’s our audience) get on bikes.

Now rinse and repeat.

Have any questions? Because next week I’ll post a video tutorial on creating your own podcast.