Mike Le Roux running Red Bluff

Profile shoot Mike Le Roux – Ultra Running – Red Bluff, Cairns

Like holy sh*t you don’t get a photo like this every day. Thanks to Nikon for looking after my lens for the last eight weeks, sometimes repairs take a little bit longer than expected.

Well hopefully since stunting my creativity someone got some great use out of this lens and it wasn’t just sitting on a bench somewhere.

Anyway moving on..

I’d like to share what a few of my friends are up to:

John from My Camera Focus sells some serious photography gear, cheap, get over there and check out his personal gear list. John is gear savvy and knows what he is talking about, so if you need to call him here’s his # 0413 667 356.

My great mate Perrin is having a Seascape Photo Comp this month. With $350 in gift vouchers to Image Bank Australia, what more incentive do you need? I’ve put my entry in what about you?

Cairns Adventure Film Festival is starting next week it’s gonna absolutely rock! As a judge I’ve already voted on the best adventure photos yet. Great to see a diverse range of entries and some really talented photographers out there. Come along and see how awesome it really is.

I know a great photographer who is available to photograph the Cairns Airport Adventure Festival in just over a week.. hint hint!