Mission Time Off Trekking Bartle Frere

A great photographer friend of mine (Colyn) asked me a couple of months ago if I’d like to trek Mount Bartle Frere with him. The answer was defiantly yes and since we’re fairly busy blokes we booked in a date as the 6th & 7th of May and you’ve heard the old saying ‘rain hail or shine.

I was already on the Tablelands visiting my dad and the weather was wet, wet. So I knew we were in for an experience. By 10:30 yesterday morning our saddles were packed and we started trekking up the mountain. Apart from being soaked from the torrential rains within the first hour, the leaches attached them selves to any bare flesh available and my ankles needed a cleaning every 20 min, I’m sure alot of you have had a few leaches in your time, but… check the next image after the jump.

After a good five hours of trekking we made it to the highest peak in Queensland with winds blazing through our hair, shirts, shoes and bones (that’s the top image). With a solid ten chilly hours sleep we then scrambled down the hill we stopped in at Lake Barrine for coffee & scones before resuming our life at home.

Experiences like these; make life more appreciable.