Pre-launch for Podcast Yungaburra’s Crowdfunding Launch

Well we may as well talk about what’s coming before it comes, to make the coming more exciting.

Sugar that’s funny!! And slightly dirty at the same.

What’s coming (if you missed the title) is Podcast Yungaburra’s Crowdfunding Launch, and this is going to be a bloody excellent campaign. Instead of using the age old recipe of advertising telling folks Yungaburra is a scenic bliss for your next holiday.

We.. that is anyone who’s willing to be interviewed, has a genuine story and has lived in the small town of Yungaburra for at least a decade, plus myself (Murray), put together weekly podcasts on the history and heritage of this town. In turn putting Yungaburra on the map through bloody great stories.

So are you in?

Listen to 90 year old Bill Bicheno’s stories of Podcast Yungaburra and signup for our crowdfunding launch.