Short Stories on the Experiences of Extreme Photography

Finally I have made my way to Perth, it is my first time coming to the west since my folks were interested in buying a general store here way back in 1985. Of course memories are limited and the only thing I remember is running down the beach for several kilometres not to be seen for hours. To my poor parents dismay.

Well.. back on track, I love Perth. It’s a bit big but there seems heaps to do (like climbing, mountain biking, running and just plain hanging out on the beach) while I take this break away from the wet season in Cairns. Don’t worry I’ll be back to reap havoc in just over two weeks, lets have some fun yeh!

So while I’m hear I may as well post a few very short stories on the experiences of Extreme Photography over the last year. Lets start off with these two rippers below.