The Wheelbarrow Way


Starting in Mareeba and finishing 140 kilometres later in Chillagoe, the Great Wheelbarrow Race has completed its 10th year. I’m pretty sure they had 57 teams and over 400 competitors, but don’t quote me on that, it’s media right?

Unlike many other races, this is a very family orientated and community event. There were a few characters that stood out, the Fossil being an iconic 76-year-old man who broke the 1000km mark. Brad Weaver and his family as support crew (pictured below) and the blistering sheer pace the lead teams set.

A team of 10, each member would take turns in a sprint lasting 20 seconds then swap, on the other hand, the solos would pace out the day.

If you’re ever chasing an event that’s full of spirit, fundraising for charities and have a love of the outback, this one has my approval.