Wishing for a Better Life, One that I’m in Control

This getting started on something I want to do is real hard. It’s like a little daily sin.. wishing I could feel better, behave better and of course in our modern age look better.

Look it’s not though I want to be a super status like the dreams of my twenties. Those dreams seem to be far gone, gone to an unfathomable life that only special people obtain in movies, magazines and social media gurus who gaunt the best parts of their little lives to seem exceptional.

Well.. seriously who gives a damn?

This life, I have lived for the last five years are a constant battle. Suffering from a diagnosis of depression (quote from my doctor “look face it you’ve got fucking depression”). We all have our little stories of hardships and accidents- Mine is a combination of endurance racing, diet, daughter and money, too little or too much I’m sure you’ll make up your own story. We all do.

As you can see this imposition has landed me in a hard spot. A spot I’d like to change and change one step at a time. So let me ask a rhetorical question.

What should I do?

Every day I wish life would be better and I know the steps to take, but am held back by the immediate results of more sleep, more coffee and less pain in order to live an easy life.

Starting Small

Ok for the next month from today, ahh shit I should of planned this. When I wake up in the morning I plan to achieve five morning habits. Starting with:

  1. Exercise – a casual walk 20 – 45 min
  2. Meditation – stretching and thinking of the present
  3. Grooming – shave, shower, dress for the day
  4. Nutrition –  a healthy breakfast to keep me going
  5. Smile – be positive and know they might not

Thanks 🙂 I’m taking action.